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This book develops three major themes. First, digital evolution is proceeding on an oceanic scale to quantum computing, both at the component level and throughout the global Internet. Computer components today are designed and manufactured at intrinsically quantum mechanical dimensions—the nano- (molecular), ångström- (atomic), and pico (electronic/photonic) scales. Classical (non-quantum) computer components increasingly support quantum tunneling of electrons across classically insurmountable barriers.

At the global scale, the Internet and World Wide Web effectively transcend classical space-time boundaries. Today, everyone everywhere has instant access to a vast storehouse of knowledge on a 24/7/365 basis. Networked information presides as the nucleus of today’s interconnected world. At any given moment, billions of people interact with hundreds of millions of applications, through a trillion interconnected, intelligent devices and sensors.

Second, quantum computers may one day achieve application and networking breakthroughs thought to be impossible for classical computers. Quantum logic has one unique feature—it is not constrained by classical space-time physics. ‘Moore’s law’ is exponential; any classical approach demands exponential increases in space or time. Continuing exponential evolution of classical (non-quantum) computing is not sustainable at either component or global information processing scales.

Third, foundational principles of computer science, quantum physics, mathematics, information theory, and Maharishi Vedic Science are mapped into a single unified model that identifies the Cosmic Computer® and Cosmic Switchboard® operating at the level of the Unified Field. Modern breakthroughs in quantum physics-based computation are correlated to the ancient Veda and Vedic Literature with a description of how to directly access the unlimited computational domain.

As we follow this discovery of the timeless symmetry between mind and matter, we locate that intelligence which is at the same time numeric and also with boundaries, where physical digits are connected to numeric digits, where the physical is expressed in terms of numbers. It is here that we begin to glimpse the laws of nature that eternally compute and shape the hidden and expressed universe.

Quantum Computing is a seminal work that unfolds a new way of understanding computer science in terms of the underlying fabric of knowledge itself. This book provides the foundation for a rich future of research, and reveals a new paradigm for developing advanced computing and information systems.

Like best sellers Physics of the Impossible and A Brief History of Time, Quantum Computing is an eloquent expression of fundamental science, accessible to professionals and lay people alike. Discover the one-to-one correspondence between Quantum Computing and The Vedic Fabric of the Digital Universe.

Who Should Read This Book

Quantum Computing: The Vedic Fabric of the Digital Universe is for information technology professionals, academics and lay people alike, who are involved in computer science, network applications, and hardware/software development. This book directly correlates quantum computing—the emerging information paradigm—and the ancient Veda and Vedic Literature.

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Quantum Computing: The Vedic Fabric of the Digital Universe contains 436 pages with 77 full-color figures. Published by 1st World Publishing. ISBN 978-1-59540-941-6.

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